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M8585 percent / 15 percent unleaded gasoline
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When the temperature drops to -25 oC, M85 system of the solution was still the homogeneous and clear state.
Norwegian study asserted that the failure rate on the M85 was closer to
One gallon of M85 has only 56 per cent of the energy of one gallon of gasoline, while E85 has 71 per cent.
88) In addition to the small-scale use of indigenous M85 bomblets, (89) there was extensive use of U.
Starting in the late 1970s, the Army did a considerable amount of fleet testing to demonstrate the acceptability of using alternative fuels, beginning with gasohol (10 percent ethyl alcohol in gasoline) and then M85 methanol and JP-8, an aviation kerosene fuel that became the single fuel for the battlefield.
Tests carried out on the M85 have found that in reality, it has a 10 percent failure rate, with experts warning that this could increase depending on where and how the weapon is deployed.
Indeed, there is little upside to a consumer in owning one, since it is hard to find stations in America with alcohol fuel pumps (such as E85 or M85, fuel mixes that are 85 percent ethanol or methanol, and 15 percent gasoline, respectively).
Up until now Britain had insisted it keeps two types of cluster bombs, the M85 and the M73.
The DN-01 was developed as a large sports cruiser materializing a new concept, equipped with distinctive HFT, which is based on the automatic transmission in the 1962 Juno M85 and features characteristics optimal for a production machine, thanks to continuous development and advances in electronic control technology.
Those vehicles are fueled by propane, CNG, M85 (a blend of 85% methanol and 15% gasoline), E85 (82,500 vehicles fueled by a blend of 85% ethanol and 15% gasoline), and electricity.