M97710 Ton, 8X8 Truck (mobile AAR shelter carrier)
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Quite apart from their high mobility and long haul attributes, the base M977 Hemtt carries a self-loading/unloading crane at the rear, always a great advantage when heavy loads have to be handled rapidly.
It features an all-wheel-drive Oshkosh(R) HEMTT M977 chassis with a 450-horsepower engine, an Allison HD 4560 automatic transmission and 62,000 pound gross vehicle weight rating.
The TFFT combines the extreme off-road mobility and combat-proven performance of the Oshkosh(R) HEMTT M977 with the advanced firefighting capabilities of industry-leading Pierce(R) fire apparatus.
Based on the eight-wheel drive, Oshkosh defense Heavy Expanded Mobility Tactical Truck (HEMTT) M977 chassis, the TFFT is designed and engineered to respond to, suppress and extinguish aircraft, petroleum, wildland and structural fires.
Whenever your M977, M984A1, and M985 HEMMTs are refurbished, the safety clamp on the cable is removed.
The outrigger arms on your M977 and M985 HEMTT are there to steady the truck when using the crane to lift a heavy load.
What makes that a problem is that some of the larger vehicles like the M939s and M977s require some wheel lugs to be torqued counterclockwise.