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MA2Mass Medical Angels (Boston area group of investors investing in early stage life science companies)
MA2Mech Assault 2 (game)
MA2Master-at-Arms Petty Officer 2nd Class
MA2Machine Accountant Second Class (Naval Rating)
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'We are very pleased with the hard work of the Siamab team and the outcome they have achieved, and thrilled that our investment may make a difference for cancer patients,' said Richard Anders, MA2 Founder and Executive Director.
Under the new order, a plot of land for the construction of a nursery school must not exceed 700 mA2; 1.5 hectare has been designated for a primary school, 2.5 hectares for secondary school, 2.8 hectares for a complex school combining nursery, primary and secondary schools, 5 hectares for vocational training schools while the plot of land designated for the university buildings must not exceed 6 hectares.
When MA1 and MA2 did the projects, controversy was raised when blind items spoke about how someone behaved and flaunted what she had.
Isolates Bb3, Bb4, and Bb7 (Beauveria), Ma2, Ma3, and Mr2 (Metarhizium), and If1 (Isaria) showed the lowest [LT.sub.50] values, but did not differ significantly among themselves based on Tukey's test (Table 2).
[sup][3] We described the clinical and pathological findings in a patient with Ma2 antibody-mediated brain stem/limbic encephalitis associated with submucosal follicular lymphoma of the ileum.
The order of the locations of the highest average CO concentration is as follows: MA4 > MA2 > MA3 > MA5 > MA1.
The company claims that TRU4 comes with higher standard of certification from Japanese Automotive Standards Organisation - JASO MA2 and American Petroleum Institute-API SL.
Assim, foram coletados os seguintes atributos do solo: a) macroporosidade (MA1, MA2, MA3); b) microporosidade (MI1, MI2, MI3); c) porosidade total (PT1, PT2, PT3); e d) densidade do solo (DS1, DS2, DS3).
"Being able to use real explosives and narcotics for training helps prepare the dogs in case of an actual scenario," said MA2 Michael Hartter.