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MA2Mass Medical Angels (Boston area group of investors investing in early stage life science companies)
MA2Mech Assault 2 (game)
MA2Master-at-Arms Petty Officer 2nd Class
MA2Machine Accountant Second Class (Naval Rating)
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The fan electrical power will eventually convert to the sensible heat and heat up the secondary mixed air ma2, thermally the same as the reheating load at the reheat coil.
Los evaluados con el metodo MA2 se llevaron con el uso de tabano electrico a traves de corredores lineales con angulos de 90[grados].
sup][3] We described the clinical and pathological findings in a patient with Ma2 antibody-mediated brain stem/limbic encephalitis associated with submucosal follicular lymphoma of the ileum.
The order of the locations of the highest average CO concentration is as follows: MA4 > MA2 > MA3 > MA5 > MA1.
Enquanto no bootstrapping todos os modelos sao significativamente diferentes, no cross-validation, MA2 e MB nao se diferenciam significativamente.
Los resultados de la evaluacion de los diferentes subperiodos de los mercados alcista y bajista muestran que la media del numero de segmentos por empresa es significativamente mayor en el MA1 que en el MB1, y en el MA2 que en el MB2.
KEEP THE BEAT GOING: Resident bhangra DJ DJ MA2 (above left), Jamie Preston and Sunny Singh (above) enjoy the R'n'B night at the Silver Sword and (left) Dimple Karshan and Jag Daudher also join in the fun
Chromosomes MA1 (UCRBW01-1) and MA2 (UCRBW01-2) are tertiary recombinant wheat-rye translocation chromosomes T1RS.
In addition, RD and MD+ children had lower scores on the EMT than MA2 children.
An approximate size at maturity was defined by the smallest male with testes in at least the MA2 stage and the smallest female with MA, MR or RE ovaries.
Being able to use real explosives and narcotics for training helps prepare the dogs in case of an actual scenario," said MA2 Michael Hartter.