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MA3Master At Arms Third Class
MA3Machine Accountant Third Class (Naval Rating)
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Isolates Bb3, Bb4, and Bb7 (Beauveria), Ma2, Ma3, and Mr2 (Metarhizium), and If1 (Isaria) showed the lowest [LT.sub.50] values, but did not differ significantly among themselves based on Tukey's test (Table 2).
For his part, Deputy General Manager of MA3 Gennady Viktorovich affirmed the Belarusian side's desire to establish a factory to assemble trucks and buses in Syria and to find the necessary funding for it, stressing the readiness of his company to provide all components of this plant.
Ma3 Racer, an app about driving a matatu on the streets of Nairobi, is perhaps the most successful - with over two million downloads.
In station MA3 (May/2014) the observed results were of accord to those described by this author.
In recent time period the most frequently monitored areas were the five villages: MA1, MA2, MA3, MA4 and MA5 (Table 1).
(2009), denominado de Modelo Alternativo 2 (MA2); e 4) um modelo com tres fatores (poder, realizacao e afiliacao) baseado na teoria de motivacao de McClelland (1955), denominado de Modelo Alternativo 3 (MA3).
With respect to flame resistance, it can be observed that all compositions passed the UL-94-HB standard as autoextinguishable (AE), whereas only the MA3 (with 65phr nano-MH + 65phr nano-ATH) passed the UL-94-V as V1; all others failed, showing slight to intense dripping.
MA3: Information Trustworthiness; Jeffrey Pasternack, Dan Roth, and V.
The style icon, best known for her popular, prime-time TV show 'Ma3 Joelle Ahla' (With Joelle, it's nicer) on MBC1, said: "The Styling Lounge is absolutely gorgeous and is held in a great location.
First, inherent time delay due to catheter manipulations required to engage coronaries as already mentioned by Soofi MA3 in his case report, especially when dextrocardia is an incidental finding.
As to the specific identification markings of this particular model, the top of the barrel behind the front sight is marked "Underwood 9-43"; the top of the receiver, "US CARBINE CAL 30 ml"; recoil plate, "SG"; magazine catch thumb rest, "MA3"; left side of front band, "SI"; right side of the rear sight assembly, "I.R.CO"; right side of trigger assembly, "rock-ola"; rear of receiver lettering (obscured by rear sight assembly), "1968637".