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As Planer's character Neil from The Young Ones might have said: "Heavy, maaan!"
Get beyond the sound quality though, and you'll find plenty to enjoy - there's an excellent version of the aforementioned Going Through The Motions, where singer Robert Lloyd does away with the single's laconic vocal style and belts it out as if he means it, maaan.
Lil replied: "Yee maaan, and I'm bringin' all my brothers and sisters with me." Should be a laugh.
Maybe its their loon pants, or could it be their hippy love beads, those ones you simply can't help but dig, maaan? Or is it their free love lifestyle?
Hasn't it, maaan? Even more amazingly, the word latte is said to have made its debut in 1989.
With a new Blackstar album in the works for release sometime this year and a new solo joint about to drop with Jay Dilla, Bilal, Black Thought Common, and Faith Evans, things are looking lovely, just lovely maaan. Like this 'Frisco afternoon, it's a beautiful thing.
'God save the Queen, She ain't no human being, She made you a moron, A potential H-bomb, God save the Queen, We mean it maaan!'
Not pretty, but - like the true punks they are - they mean it, maaan.