MAAFMid Atlantic Arts Foundation
MAAFMilitary Association of Atheists and Freethinkers
MAAFMutuelle d'Assurance des Artisans de France (French insurance company)
MAAFMediterranean Allied Air Force (WWII)
MAAFMalayan Auxiliary Air Force
MAAFMetropolitan Atlanta Arts Fund (Atlanta, Georgia)
MAAFMad As A Fish
MAAFCharles H. Wright Museum of African American History
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He further added, MAAF offers a convenient way of using the method of asset allocation to earn the benefits of diversification while saving the investor from the hassle of investing in multiple funds.
Throughout 1944, the men of Detachment 155 had handled an ever increasing volume of messages connecting the battlefront with the MAAF headquarters at Caserta and higher AACS headquarters in Naples, Casablanca, and Asheville.
MAAF airpower overwhelmed the Germans with over 2,600 aircraft.
The news comes as MAAF officials lifted restrictions covering 1,300 farms in the South West.
FAVORITE DAILY TASK: ``I enjoy talking to the other officers in MAAF.
For us, FlexMonkey is an option that cannot be ignored because it was obviously developed with one goal in mind - to facilitate the creation of high-quality Flex applications," said Josse Brayelle, MAAF Assurances.
The AIG unit sued a group of French companies including Credit Lyonnais in 2005, alleging that it was defrauded when it bought a 33 per cent stake in New California Holdings because it didn't know that the French owners, a group led by MAAF Assurances SA, were a front for Credit Lyonnais.
In his current role as the MAAF president, the thirty-four-year-old immerses himself in all issues pertaining to the military and how religion is presented and utilized within its vast organizational network, from chaplain outreach to maintaining an open and proud roster of newly dubbed "atheists in foxholes.
AGF Group, a subsidiary of Germany's Allianz AG Holding, and MAAF Assurances Group said the combined entity would serve a customer base of about 5 million policyholders.
Warnings were apparently sent to the European Commission, while MAAF allegedly took steps to contain the outbreak in the vain hope that no one would be the wiser.
We have invested in Microsoft Hyper-V virtualization to optimize our enterprise technology footprint," said Jean-Pierre Giquel, chief information officer, MAAF, a leading general public insurance company for private individuals and professionals in France.