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JIM MAAHS, vice president of commercial portfolio management, Upsher-Smit.h.
In a 1999 study, (92) Travis Pratt and Jeff Maahs conducted a meta-analysis that encompassed thirty-three such evaluations of private and public facilities from twenty-four independent studies of adult male prisons.
Castelli, Maahs e Almeida apresentam o decimo quinto estudo sobre as Identificacao das duvidas e dificuldades de gestantes e puerperas em relacao ao Aleitamento Materno.
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On average, youth performed 4.55 BG checks per day (SD = 1.59; range = 2-9), which aligns with some recommendations for monitoring (at least 4 checks per day; Chase & Maahs, 2011).
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En general, los estudios han mostrado que los grupos de personas que presentan conductas delictuales tienden a presentar peor desempeno en las pruebas que evaluan CI que los grupos de comparacion (Hirschi & Hindelang, 1977; Isen, 2010; McGloin, Pratt & Maahs, 2004).
2002; Jackson and Lapsley 2003; Dolovich 2005) and the case for private prison cost-effectiveness has also remained ambiguous and inconclusive (Pratt and Maahs 1999; Perrone and Pratt 2003; Cooper and Taylor 2005; Taylor and Cooper 2008).
of Louisville) and Maahs (sociology, anthropology, and criminology, U.