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Referring to the provision of emergency services at one of the Five Star healthcare facility in the private sector, one of the eminent ophthalmologist who took his wife there in emergency had written in his book that "Khuda Kissi Dushman KO Bhee Iss Hospital Kee Emergency Maain Naa Laay".
Here, Lomas limits himself to Holappa's later lyric career (remember, Holappa is also a prizewinning novelist): one poem from his Valitut runot (Selected Poems; 1977), four from Viisikymmenntakaksi (Fifty-two; 1979), six from Pitkia sanija (Long Words; 1980), ten from Vuokralla taalla (A Tenant Here; 1983), five from Valaistu kaupunki Ruijan pimey-dessa (Lighted City in Finnmark's Darkness; 1985), nine from Savun hajua (Smell of Smoke; 1987), five from Keltainen viiri (The Yellow Pennant; 1988), the longish "By Chance There's a Child" from Maain paalla-taivaan alla (On the Earth, Under the Sky; 1991), fifteen from Ankkuripaikka (The Anchorage; 1994), and thirteen from Ala pelkaa (Don't Be Afraid; 1997).
It should be noted that the population of the Gulf on the Persian side was mostly Arab throughout the past few hundred years, and that the Qawasim intermarried with the Maain tribes that lived there.
In protest he decided to take his wife to JPMC and his comments "Khuda Kissee Dushman KO Bhee Aga Khan Ki Emergency Maain Na Lejay" are quite meaningful.