MAAOMassachusetts Association of Assessing Officers
MAAOMusee des Arts Africains et Oceaniens (French: Museum of African and Oceanic Arts; France)
MAAOMinnesota Association of Assessing Officers
MAAOModified Accrual Accounting Option
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The collection of the MAAO and a part of the old Musee de l'Homme's were amalgamated into today's Musee du Quai Branly, which opened in 2003, and presented itself simply as the home for non-Western art, seeking to erase hierarchies between artistic traditions from around the world.
When all is said and done, you're lucky if you break even," said Everett Assessor Pamela Davis, a former MAAO president.
If it has the word `tax' in it, the Legislature doesn't want to know about it and they're probably not going to act on it," said MAAO Executive Director Robert Ellia.
Among the awards he has received are the Fred Grabert award from the Worcester County Assessors Association, the Past President's award from the MAAO and the Sherry Vermilya award from the Northeast Regional Association of Assessing Officers.
Nuno, alem disso, participava sempre das procissoes "com camdeas nas maaos segumdo o dia em que era, ouvimdo sua preegacom e officio, o mais honesto e devotameente que sse em taaes logares fazer podia" (FERNAO LOPES, 1990, v.
Nuno fincou os joelhos na terra, fez a sua oracao a imagem do "Crucifixo, e da sua preciosa Madre que tragia pimtada em sua bamdeira, e isso meesmo todollos seus os goelhos em terra com as maaos alcadas sua oracom" (FERNAO LOPES, 1990, v.
E noso Senhor ord[]nou sobre este muro defensom de angios boos pera nom leyxar hy chegar os maaos spiritus, por tal que a chama do fogo defenda a entrada aos hom[][]s Lugar x localidade H[]a uez Sancto Antonio con outros frades veo a h[]a cidade que chamam Forliuio.