MAASEMichigan Association of Administrators of Special Education
MAASEManually Annotated Alternatively Spliced Events (database)
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Instrumentos: Verbal and Spatial Reasoning test for Children (VESPARCH); The Test for Reception of Grammar -Version 2 (TROG-2); The British Picture Vocabulary Scale ( BPVS) Analise: comparacao entre grupos Most T, Sujeitos: 37 criancas com deficiencia auditiva, na 2010 faixa etaria de 6:3 a 9:4, 13 criancas com AASI, 11 criancas com IC e 13 criancas ouvintes Instrumentos: MAASE linguistic Test, Pragmatic Protocol of C.
DUE to the closure of The Vaults in Aberdeen, Timo Maas, who is touring with his Music For The Maases 2 mix, will now play Edin-burgh's Venue on Friday, May 30.
Some purists may be unsatisfied, but many will regard Music For The Maases 2 in the high esteem it deserves.