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A source in the Peshmerga told the National Iraqi News Agency / NINA /: "A terrorist wearing an explosive device tried to blow himself up amid the pension market (Maash) in Khrmer village of liberated Aiadhiah north of Tal Afar, before that Kurdish forces could arrest him and dismantle the belt and transferred him to a detention center to take legal proceedings against him." The source explained: "The Peshmerga forces deployed in the market and in the area for the fear of infiltration of suicide bombers and to target civilians and also launched an inspection campaign" / End
The government, however, claims providing a subsidy on another 12 items - potato, ladies finger (bhindi), ridge gourd (tori), bitter gourds (karailay), butternut squash (kadu), Chinese ginger, garlic, banana, apple (Turkish) and pulses masoor or split red lentil, maash or black gram, sabit masoor or brown lentil and white grams.
The price of Maash pulse was reduced from Rs.148 per kg to Rs.
local) at Rs.126/- per kg, Maash pulses (imported washed) at Rs.102/- per kg, Maash pulses (unwashed) at Rs.85/- per kg, Moong pulses (washed)
A resident of Badber Peshawar, Haji Habib Khan had submitted a complaint against head constable Gul Maash of FIR Management cell CPO wherein he alleged that police official had took surety of Rs.0.9 million and gave him a cheque, which was later on bounced and now HC Gul Maash is neither paying the money nor accepting the responsibility.
He said the pollen allergy patients to avoid the spicy food and pulse of maash, potatoes, cauliflower and banana adding that they must avoid soft drinks.
In pulses, the wholesale price of mung and maash has risen by Rs25-30 per kg and Rs15 per kg.
As per notification, gram daal (special), masoor daal (imported), maash
It was informed that 22357 ton daal chana, 620 ton daal masoor, 3624 ton daal mung and 452 ton daal maash was existing in the stock.
During a visit to different markets, this reporter found Dal Channa was selling at Rs220 per kg compared to Rs180 per kg last year, Dal Maash at Rs160 per kg against Rs120 per kg, Dal Moong at Rs170 per kg against Rs150 per kg.
local) at Rs.126/- per kg, Maash pulses (imported washed) at Rs.102/- per kg, Maash pulses (unwashed) at Rs.85/- per kg, Moong pulses (washed) at Rs.90/- per kg, Moong pulses (unwashed) at Rs.100/- per kg, black gram (big local) at Rs.88/- per kg, black grams (small) at Rs.83/- per kg, white grams (local big) at Rs.128/- per kg, white grams (small local) at Rs.120/- per kg, chilli powder at Rs.190/- per kg, gram powder (Besan) at Rs.87/- per kg, milk at Rs.70/- per liter, yogurt at Rs.75/- per kg, mutton at Rs.600/- per kg, beef at Rs.280/- per kg, Roti (bread 100 grams) at Rs.6/-, Roti (Khameeri) at Rs.7/- and Naan (simple) at Rs.10/.
The new prices of commodities are flour 730/20Kg, gram (Channa) Rs 105/Kg, Masoor pulse Rs 155/Kg, Maash pulse 250/kg, Baisan 105/Kg, rice (Col) Pakki Rs 68kg, Patent flour Rs 44/Kg, pepper Rs 180, yogurt Rs 75/Rs, milk Rs 65/kg, meat Rs 500/kg, beef Rs 250/kg and Coal Rs 40/kg.