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MAATMean Annual Air Temperature (geography)
MAATMetadata Architecture and Application Team
MAATMichigan Association of Art Therapy
MAATMuseum of African American Technology (California)
MAATMember of Association of Accounting Technicians (UK)
MAATMaster of Arts in Applied Technology
MAATMinimum Average Annual Turnover
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Responding policemen were able to apprehend Maat and recover the scissors he used.
The primary proposed energy source for the MAAT is through harvesting sunlight from photovoltaic arrays mounted on the upper airship surface to provide sufficient electric power during the day to operate the airship's systems, and provide life support, propulsion and control, while also producing sufficient excess energy that can be stored to facilitate continuous MAAT operation at night.
As the business has grown, MAAT has partnered with many organizations that have helped it further develop its goals.
Ofrendas que da el Rey a Amon-Ra, Senor de los Tronos de las Dos Tierras; a Mut, Senora de Isheru; a Khonsu de Tebas, el Bueno y Pacifico; a Toth el que (esta) en Hermopolis; a Anubis; a Maat, hija de Ra, para que ellos den vida, prosperidad y salud (y que) mi nombre permanezca en su boca y su casa, para el ka de [.
The most engaged and practiced African concept by womanist advocates of Kawaida is Maat (Ibid.
Among the paintings is a scene depicting the king offering the justice sign of Maat to the god Amun Re.
Lilliput is making an entry in Sajan Re Jhoot Maat Bolo and will be essaying a role of suspicious, strict quality inspector whose curious nature would further add to Apoorva and his family's troubles.
Santiago Jimenez, Maat Chairman says: "The combination of technology solutions from both companies will enable us to offer a very competitive and fully integrated solution to our customers in banking and e-business in all the markets in which we operate.
Reports of work-related problems included shifting to jobs with fewer responsibilities and lower pay, inability to "multi-task" and handle pre-cancer work load, frustration exhibited by co-workers or supervisors and in some instances termination (another report in previous MAAT research).
This cooling may be associated with less-than-normal snow accumulation because the MAAT (-6.
When the artist, who is of Egyptian-Belgian descent, founded Theatre Maat in Brussels in 1987 with Christine Smeysters, they mimed their child-centric company after a deity who symbolizes universal harmony and equilibrium.
In a demonstration, Dickinson logs onto MAAT and pulls up the Google Earth representation.
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