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MAATMean Annual Air Temperature (geography)
MAATMetadata Architecture and Application Team
MAATMichigan Association of Art Therapy
MAATMuseum of African American Technology (California)
MAATMember of Association of Accounting Technicians (UK)
MAATMaster of Arts in Applied Technology
MAATMinimum Average Annual Turnover
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Like the judgement according to Maat upon the Great Scale, the matter is finely balanced.
Through the use of info dots and the MAAT system, NEMSCOM completely eliminated the need for costly medical technicians and provided general warehouse personnel the means to identify any item within mere seconds, vice several hours.
In his draft report, one amendment stemming from the RAC's opinion is that the management plan should be based on multi-annual TACs (Total Allowable Catches), lasting three years, rather than on only annual ones, with Mr Maat arguing both that this will provide a stronger basis for stock recovery, and that any intermediate problems can be solved by measures to reduce fishing effort such as limitations to days at sea.
He and other researchers agree that the dark regions indicate that Maat Mons is a youngster among Venusian volcanoes; unlike older structures, its lava hasn't had time to chemically mix with the thick atmosphere to form metal-rich minerals that reflect radar beams well.
Maat's scales of truth and justice weigh the individual's heart against her feather of justice while the individual begins declaiming the 42 Negatives Confessions, so-called because the person being judged has to assert their innocence of 42 crimes such as 'I have not killed', 'I have not stolen', etc in front of Osiris, guardian of the ancestral realm, the 42 Assessors of Maat.
Saad attained her Master of Arts in Audiovisual Translation (MAAT) from CHSS last year.
O Amen-Ra, who rest upon Maat, as you pass over the sky, everyone can see you.
She has been parts of projects such as Udaan, Baaghi, Maat in the past.
Police Officer 1 Filbert Madio, investigator on the case, said Eddie Maat, 45, barber, was nabbed for allegedly stabbing Christopher David, 42, a fishport checker.
Maat for Peace, Development, and Human Rights passed on to parliament its vision regarding the anticipated law on Monday, which came as result of a number of sessions conducted with NGO members working on assuring freedoms, as they are facing the most restrictions.
LAGUNA 75-Los Ban ez 21, Alanguilan 18, Limun 9, Defante 6, Clauss 6, Batayon 6, Canet 4, Trinidad 3, Dela Cruz 2, Maat 0, Mance 0, Cuesta 0.
LAIKIPIA NATURE CONSERVANCY, KENYA * Bob Maat is disarming without trying.
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