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Tan and Maata stressed that female police officers expect the same level of respect from motorists as given their male counterparts.
We are also a bit softer and more approachable as compared to our male colleagues,' Maata told reporters in Filipino.
Specific to Finnish are also the words #3 'bark' kaarna, #47 'to lie' maata, #77 'to sleep [[phrase omitted]] nukkua, #97 'who' kuka, and #106 'snake' kaarme.
HenAce, Sri Maata Hinglaj Mandir is also known as Nani Mandir.
Maata was charged with violation of Section 3(e) of R.A.
The programme has been organised by Bharat Maata Foundation headed by a BJP legislator G Kishan Reddy coinciding with the Republic Day on Friday.
Basali ni basizana bana ni maata amanata abonahala mi ki nako yabona kuasupeza.
"Ram Pir, Maata, Hanuman and Hinglaaj", she named the temples.
Also present at the ceremony were OFW Council of Leaders Director General Venecio Legaspi and Assistant Director General Red Bual as well as FBL friends Jimmy Abdullah Beltran and Wilson Maata. The first trophies to go up for grabs went to Best in Uniform awardees New Cabalen Friendster (Open Rated B Division and Above 40 Division ) and Sharbatly (Non Rated Division).
Maata (2011) extols the benefits for doctoral students of seminars which provide enriching interactions, new ideas, and even new friendships.
Salmi, T., Maata, A., Antilla, P., Ruoho-Airola, T., Amnell, T.
You can walk from Kapoeta to Boma -- nearly 300 kms without fear even trees are greeting Maata.