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A few studies in Arabic (Al-Hariri, 1948; Al-Hariri, 1949; Hijazy, 1983; Al-Hariri, 2000; Maati, 2011) have documented the history of Saudi sojourners specifically who study abroad, but there are none in English.
Because of this function honouring Maati Ghar I got a chance to be in Nepal with my husband for four months.
Maati Monjib, a university professor in Rabat, and four others will be tried Nov.
30 -- India Vision Foundation Dr Kiran Bedi's NGO initiative, Launches Exhibition of its unique Prison 'PROJECT HUNAR' in Haryana Prisons in association with Nostalgia 'MAATI KI KHUSHBU' Paintings, Sculptures & Installations by -Natasha Chadha Bhambri.
Organized under the banner of Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan of New York, the book signing ceremony on May 8 for his autobiography " Maati Pankh Aur Aakash" was held at the Consulate premises.
" I scanned the cover, index and the poem from my collection titled Maati Ka Chulha ( soil stove) that was published in 2006 while immediately mailing and posting it on Facebook besides tweeting the same but all that was of no avail,"Rathee said.
Shaikha Jawahar was received by Elizabeth Tan, UNHCR Representative in Egypt; Ambassador Tariq Maati, Assistant Foreign Minister for Refugees and Migration; Dr Buthaina Kishk, Director of the Directorate of Education in Giza; Dr Youssef Suleiman, First Under-Secretary at the Ministry of Education; Tarek Al Neshwy, the school Director; Mohammed Shawky, UNHCR Assistant Education Officer; and a number of UNHCR officials and teaching staff at the school.
Dr Jawahery and his delegation were greeted by company chairman and managing director Saad Abu El Maati, executive management members and trade union leaders.
The Iacobucci 2008 inquiry confirmed that Canadian security agencies were complicit in the overseas torture of innocent Canadians Ahmad El Maati, Abdullah Almalki and Muayyed Nureddin--a fact that Canada has tried to cast doubt on (see "Federal officials contributed indirectly to torture of Canadians: report" posted October 21, 2008 on
3) Maati as the first field in the Tuat (or Duat); the place where the dead buried the "flame of fire" and the "crystal sceptre" (Budge 1978i: 272);
Masnad Ahmad ibn Hanbal, review by Al-Sayed Abu al- Maati al- Nuri, publisher: Alamul kitab- Byruth, 1st edition.