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MAATSMarine Aftermarket Accessories Trade Show (National Marine Manufacturers Association)
MAATSModern Australian Apprenticeship and Traineeship System
MAATSMilitary Automated Air Traffic System
MAATSMortuary Affairs Automated Tracking System
MAATSMaster of Arts in Applied Translation Studies (various universities)
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In this section, we use n-factors to determine the thermal response of frozen peat plateaus to a possible warmer MAAT than presently exists for Churchill.
Using the 1971--2000 Churchill MAAT with the Roberge Lake [n.sub.f] gives a MAGT of -3.7[degrees]C.
The MAGT analysis for the peat plateaus suggests that this landscape component will remain stable even if the MAAT rises to the Churchill record maximum.
However, the discrepancy is not large, considering that snow at the Fletcher lake site is probably deeper than at Mary Lake (because the Fletcher Lake site is close to a peat plateau edge), and the inland warming gradient in summer temperature probably raises the MAAT above the Churchill climate normal by about 1[degrees]C.
(2003) found that the transition from discontinuous to continuous permafrost appears to require a MAAT of about -7[degrees]C, assuming that ground temperatures are in equilibrium with climate.
In the Fort Simpson area (1971-2000 MAAT climate normal: -3.2[degrees]C), permafrost is restricted to peat plateaus, which are degrading with MAGTs warmer than-1.0[degrees]C, and permafrost is absent in fen-lands (Ednie et al., 2008; Smith et al., 2008).
These changes over 25 years are small and correspond with only a weak overall warming in MAAT at Churchill since the late 1940s (Fig.
While many impact benefit agreements feature "soft targets" for potential First Nation employment, it can still prove challenging for newly trained people to find an employer, something that MAATS helps to smooth out, he says.