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On Saturday, Houthis started to put up checkpoints along the road between Mabar to Dhamar city.
Mohammed Al-Bukhaiti, a member of the Houthis' Political Office, said the three Houthis injured by the Islah Party were part of a committee sent to Mabar by Al-Houthi to settle a tribal dispute over a large piece of land.
This is the first clash in Mabar area between members of the Houthis and the Islah Party, although the area has witnessed intermittent clashes between Houthis and Salafis since early 2013.
DHAMAR, July 14--Houthis and Salafis in Mabar city, Dhamar governorate reached a coexistence agreement on July 9.
Thousands of Salafi students study at the religious center of Dar Al-Hadith in Mabar city, one of the largest such institutes in the country.
According to the source, Al-Qawbani's father Ali, who is the tribal sheikh of Mabar area of Jahran district and assistant deputy governor in Hajja, was also in attendance.
DHAMAR, May 25--Houthi gunmen have been mobilizing in the area around Mabar city in Dhamar since late last week in what appears to be preparation for fighting with Salafi forces the city, according to security and local sources.
He said that security forces in the governorate received information saying that the Houthis had set up mortars and dug trenches on Anwa hill overlooking Mabar city in preparation for an attack.
Houthi forces have also created roadblocks in Al-Manshea area, on the road between Mabar and Dhawran Anes district
During his visit o the building of the ministry, Mujawar ordered the ministry to announce tender for the project of Mabar gas power plant as soon as possible.
any of he ges By night you also have to sample the mabars and restaurants in the area, some which are seriously fashionable, like tForeign Cinema where you can dine as imagof old movies are projected on walls.