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'Highways leading to Quetta remained blocked to stop workers but despite all odds people of Balochistan reached Ayoub Stadium against selected federal government.' ANP's Mabat Kaka, Jan Buledi, Jattak and JUI F's Khaliq Marri said.
These included (a) daily dietary goitrogen exposure and a series of relevant items derived from MABAT [16] and INHIS-2 [9], including (b) previous X-ray examinations involving the jaw or neck area, (c) family history of TD, (d) current smoking habits, and (e) menopause (for women).
[16] Israel Center for Disease Control, Ministry of Health, Israel, MABAT: First Israeli National Health and Nutrition Survey 1999-2001, Food & Nutrition Services 2003: Publication 225,
There are some who argue that it is not appropriate for those of us approaching the issue from a mabat chitzoni to criticize, to challenge, to meddle.
Central leadership including Nawab Arbab Abdul Zahir Kasi, President Quetta Jamaluddin, central additional secretary Sahib Jan Kakar, provisional secretary general Mabat Kaka, senior vice president Nawabzada Arbab Umar Farooq Kasi and others also addressed on the occasion.
Mabat Kaka, Awami National Party's (ANP) provincial secretary general, filed a petition in the Balochistan High Court on Monday in which he pleaded that the provincial government had violated the Balochistan Levies Force Act, 2010, without bringing the matter to the Balochistan Assembly and getting the assembly's approval and hence the court should cancel the merger notification issued by the home department.
Lehem avoda: mamad hapo'alim ha'isra'eli mabat ahshavi vehistori (the Israeli working class: historical perspectives and current challenges).
Israel said it would retaliate harshly against an attack on Tel Aviv and would destroy the entire infrastructure in Lebanon, according to a highly-positioned IDF officer quoted by Channel One's Mabat news program.
I did not speak Hebrew yet, but the head of the program Mabat Sheni, Michael Karpin, wanted me to do a film on this topic.
Awami National Party's Provincial Secretary General Mabat Kaka on Monday filed a petition requesting BHC to nullified provincial government's notification in which it declared Quetta, Gawadar, Lasbela from B to A areas and assimilated Levis Force into Police.
Provincial Secretary General of Awami National Party Mabat Kaka filed a constitutional petition in Balochistan High Court requesting the court to cancel government's notification in which Levis Force in three districts of Balochistan has been merged into police.
'Provincial Secretary General of ANP Mabat Kaka along with legal team will file a petition against government notification.' Achakzai said urged other political parties and masses to support our decision.