MABBMichigan Association of Blood Banks
MABBMassachusetts Association of Blood Banks
MABBMountainstate Association of Bed and Breakfasts (West Virginia)
MABBMulti Adapter Bridge Boundary
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Similar reports (Mabb, 1997; Harms and Eberhard, 2003; Gordo, 2006; Ahmad et al.
Mabb, the director of prisons, who asserted, during the planning of the CWO, that "it would be a great mistake to commence work on the problem with a voluntary organization." (82) He contended that treatment of juvenile delinquency, "from whatever source it springs, is essentially a function of Government which should be directed and controlled by the Government." (83) The problem, Mabb wrote convincingly, "is far too difficult and serious to be left to the spasmodic efforts of voluntary workers who at the best can only devote their spare time to the work." (84)
Trumpa judejimo "mena i buiti" istorija, is David Mabb: menas kasdienybei: parodos katalogas.
Br.) Mabb. fue del 99 %, y con las restantes especies de Oenanthe la identidad vario entre el 97 al 92 %.
The contributors to William Morris in the Twenty-First Century clearly believe that there is much more to the legacy of one of the most influential British designers than "Morris kitsch"--as one of the contributors, artist David Mabb, refers to the above-mentioned items (165).
Among these will be John Mabb, UK MarketManager forMeat&Wool New Zealand, and ProfessorMarcia Dutra de Barcellos, fromthe University of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil.
International industry experts, including John Mabb, UK market manager for Meat & Wool New Zealand and Professor Marcia Dutra de Barcellos, from the University of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil, will discuss production methods in their home countries and give their views on the UK market.
The aid was granted, in 2001, by Medienanstalt Berlin-Brandenburg (MABB), the authority charged with media in Berlin-Brandenburg.
Another goes from the city centre to Mabb Lane and others go around the city from Dingle Lane to Sandhills Lane, Penny Lane to Woolton Village and Riversdale Drive to Warbreck Moor.