MABCMining Association of British Columbia (Canada)
MABCMaster of Arts in Business Communication
MABCMaster of Arts in Biblical Counseling
MABCMid-Atlantic Bridge Conference
MABCMississippi Associated Builders and Contractors (also seen as MSABC)
MABCModal Absorbing Boundary Conditions
MABCMultiple-Antenna Broadcast Channel
MABCMilwaukee Avenue Bar Crawl
MABCMagnolia Avenue Baptist Church (Riverside, CA)
MABCMunhumutapa African broadcasting company
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From Table 7, it can be observed that the rank of these 8 algorithms is as follows: BSAISA, CDE, BSA-SA[epsilon], MABC, SR, RPGA, FSA, and AMA.
Firefly algorithm strategy is used in the scout bee phase of MABC algorithm, and its concept which is introduced by Yang in 2008 [3] is mentioned here.
Proposed ABCVSSRSM is compared to GABC, ABC/Best/1, ABC/Best/2, MABC and original ABC.
A robust and cost-effective genotyping assay is of prime importance to combine these desirable genes using MABC. In previous studies, the genetic basis of high oleic and low linolenic acid content has been identified in certain sources and functional SNP assays have also been developed [13, 30, 32, 48, 49, 52].
However, in the case of Rosenbrock f9, the convergence precision of COBSA is worse compared to that of ABC and MABC, since ABC is just one magnitude order higher when compared with COBSA on Rosenbrock f9; the superiority of ABC and MABC is not very obvious.
Through the comparison of Modified ABC (MABC) with the other mentioned algorithms such as Real-Coded Genetic Algorithm (RCGA) and Differential Evolution (DE) algorithm, we found that even the modified RCGA (MRGA) with the shuffling of their chromosome could not precisely find an optimum solution [4].
Krikidis, "Relay selection for two-way relay channels with MABC DF: a diversity perspective," IEEE Transactions on Vehicular Technology, vol.
In order to overcome the drawback of conventional methods, researchers developed a variety of Meta-heuristic techniques and their hybrid versions like simulated annealing (SA) [10], genetic algorithm (GA) [11], evolutionary programming (EP) [12], tabu search (TS) [13],multiple tabu search (MTS) [14], particle swarm optimization (PSO) and their versions [15-21], clonal algorithm [22], bacterial foraging algorithm (BFO) [23], hybrid harmony search (HHS) [24], biogeography based optimization (BBO) [25], modified artificial bee colony (MABC) [26] and so on has been successfully applied to solve ELD problems.
Teste MABC: aplicabilidade da lista de checagem na regiao Sudeste do Brasil.
In the clinical group of children diagnosed with DCD, parent-report scale scores using the Developmental Coordination Disorder Questionnaire (DCDQ) correlated significantly with the Movement Assessment Battery for Children (MABC) performance test scores (Henderson & Sugden, 1992).