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Candrakirti discusses the attributes of atman, or self, described in the Samkhya and Vaisesika traditions in MA 6.121-23 and MABh thereto.
(24.) For the citation of the shorter version, see MABh 289.1-2.
22) is cited in the eighteenth chapter of PPMV, although the argument is found in MABh on the pada.
(37.) Candrakirti incorporated the sutra passage's idea into MA VI 82 and VI 166 and provided the citation on both occasions in MABh. See MA(Bh) 179.16-20, 180.3-4, and 288.20-289.2.
Artists already confirmed include Damien Dempsey, Alan Burke, Graham Dunne, Niamh Parsons, Gino Lupari, musical director Bernard O'Neill, Ian Prowse, Terry Clarke-Coyne, Dave Munnelly, piper John McSherry, fiddler Mabh O'Hare, singer Jennifer John and banjo-player Stevie Dunne.