MABLMarine Atmospheric Boundary Layer
MABLMinnesota Association of Black Lawyers (Minneapolis, MN)
MABLMaximum Allowable Blood Loss
MABLMaster of Arts in Biblical Languages (Graduate Theologcial Union, Berkeley, CA)
MABLMens' Adult Baseball Leagues
MABLMarginal Alveolar Bone Loss (pediatric dentistry)
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When the MABL first develops, the air in contact with the ocean is cooling and the inversion begins to form.
This doesn't always happen, though; a stiff sea breeze, a deep MABL, or strong westerly winds may carry the fog inland and keep it there through the afternoon or, in the extreme, for many days.
Conversely if there are strong offshore winds, such as with the Santa Ana winds, the fog and stratus may be carried out to sea and the MABL dispersed along the coast.
For example, the variation of the MABL height in the SCS before and after SCS monsoon onset has been well depicted by sounding data (Wang et al.
2014, personal communication) reported a dramatic decrease of the MABL height corresponding to a synchronous fall of SST.
Before 2004, studies on the general characteristics of the MABL in the SCS were limited because of a lack of in situ observations (Wang et al.
Designed to ensure a wide power margin for stable recording, MKM improved the sensitivity of the MABL to attain the higher-speed recording while ensuring excellent recording compatibility and prolonged archival life.
CEFN MABL Y LAKES 01633 681101 CARDIFF angler Graham Champ did well when he used an olive daddy longlegs and caught six rainbows for a total of 24lb.
Perosa GB, Carvalhaes MABL, Benicio MHD, Silveira FCP Estrategias alimentares de maes de criancas desnutridas e eutroficas: estudo qualitativo mediante observacao gravada em video.
GB Perosa, MABL Carvalhaes, MHD Benicio e FCP Silveira participaram igualmente de todas as etapas da elaboracao do artigo.