MABLMarine Atmospheric Boundary Layer
MABLMinnesota Association of Black Lawyers (Minneapolis, MN)
MABLMaximum Allowable Blood Loss
MABLMaster of Arts in Biblical Languages (Graduate Theologcial Union, Berkeley, CA)
MABLMens' Adult Baseball Leagues
MABLMarginal Alveolar Bone Loss (pediatric dentistry)
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(16.) Gomes CB, Malta MB, Martiniano ACA, Di Bonifacio LP, Carvalhaes MABL. Eating habits of pregnant and non-pregnant women: Are there differences?
This article describes a coordinated effort to quantify atmospheric effects on EM propagation in the marine atmospheric boundary layer (MABL) via a multidisciplinary project called the Coupled Air-Sea Processes and Electromagnetic Ducting Research (CASPER).
The impact of the atmospheric stability on the wind and turbulence profiles and on the wind turbine wakes raises the need to consider in the WRA of an offshore wind farm the stability conditions observed in the MABL [5, 6].
CEFN MABL Y LAKES 01633 681101 FISH of the week was the 13.5lb rainbow that Newport angler Simon Evans caught on a montana nymph.
(7) The version of monoclonal assay is expressed as: Mabl/Mab2*, where Mabl functions as a capture antibody and Mab2*, labeled with Eu3+, serves as a detection antibody in the assay.
Richter's work focuses on developing computational techniques and simulations to better understand the turbulence in the marine atmospheric boundary layer (MABL)--where the sky meets the sea--as well as the complex ways in which the air and sea interact and feed off one another.
the domestic violence team (from left) PC Carl Davis, Margaret Lloyd (MABL Trust), Julie Macrow, PC Carolyn McMahon, PC Alison Malcolm and DC Vanessa Wilson.
(12.) Pinto JLG, Garcia ACO, Bocchi SCM, Carvalhaes MABL. Caracteristicas do apoio social oferecido a idosos da area rural assistida pelo PSF.
This positive correlation between surface wind speed and SST involves synoptic air-sea turbulent momentum and heat transfer in the marine atmospheric boundary layer (MABL).