MABPMean Arterial Blood Pressure
MABPMaximum Allowable Back Pressure
MABPMember of the Association of Business Psychologists (UK)
MABPMulti-Armed Bandit Problem (mathematics)
MABPMaster of Advanced Business Practice (degree)
MABPMean Ambulatory Blood Pressure
MABPMaximal Anal Basal Pressure (gastroenterology)
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Hemodynamic variables (MABP, HR) were monitored and recorded to calculate rate pressure product (PRP= MABP x HR / 1000) as an indirect index of myocardial oxygen consumption.
Transforming growth factor-[beta]3 demonstrated a weak negative correlation with hs-CRP (r=-0.320, p<0.001) while TGF-[beta]1 showed an inverse relationship with MABP (r=-0.248, p=0.006).
As shown in Table 1, cardiac function in rats after CLP was impaired, demonstrated by reduction of MABP, dP/d[t.sub.max], dP/d[t.sub.min], and LVSP and increase of LVEDP compared to that in sham, which was eradicated by supplementation of BDNF.
The rats were then resuscitated in vivo by reinfusion of the shed blood to restore normotension, and the MABP was monitored for 30 min.
Several studies by Zink and colleagues (1998a,b, 2006) focused on the combined effects of acute alcohol intoxication on hemorrhagic shock and TBI in swine, showing decreased survival time, lowered MABP, and reduced cerebral perfusion pressure, which may worsen secondary brain injury.
Group Korodin[R] Placebo Total (n = 38) (n = 15) (N = 53) Mean (SD) Mean (SD) Mean (SD) Age (years) 24.4 (4.4) 24.1 (2.8) 24.3 (4.0) BM1 (kg/[m.sup.2]) 21.4 (2.7) 22.4 (2.3) 21.7 (2.6) Systolic blood pressure 114.9 (9.8) 118.3(12.2) 115.8 (10.6) (mmHg, baseline) Diastolic blood pressure 75.6 (8.1) 73.1 (9.8) 74.9 (8.6) (mmHg, baseline) Heart rate (beats/min, 77.3 (11.3) 75.2 (13.6) 76.7(11.9) baseline) Table 2 Means and standard deviations (SD) for systolic blood pressure (SBP), diastolic blood pressure (DBP), and mean arterial pressure (MaBP) before and after each of the four substance administrations (SA), and change values (Ch-...).
(ii) mABP [mm Hg] equals the sum of diastolic arterial blood pressure (dABP) and one-third of a subtraction of systolic arterial blood pressure (sABP) and dABP (mABP = dABP + [sABP - dABP]/3).
Total vascular resistance (TVR) was calculated from the following formula: TVR = (MABP)/C0 x 80, expressed as dyne x s x [cm.sup.-5] [28].
Blood was continuously withdrawn or re-infused to maintain MABP of approximately 35-40 mmHg.
From 2004 and onwards, all Scandinavian centers routinely and continuously monitor ICP, intraarterial MABP, and CPP.
Sample from Order Set: Increased Intracranial Pressure (ICP) Management If ICP is greater than 20 mmHg for more than 5 minutes or greater than 30 mmHg for 1 minute: * Assure volume and MABP status as outlined per Order Set using volume and pressors.