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MABPMean Arterial Blood Pressure
MABPMaximum Allowable Back Pressure
MABPMember of the Association of Business Psychologists (UK)
MABPMulti-Armed Bandit Problem (mathematics)
MABPMaster of Advanced Business Practice (degree)
MABPMean Ambulatory Blood Pressure
MABPMaximal Anal Basal Pressure (gastroenterology)
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In thefirst experimental group, rats were hemorrhaged to 40 mmHg and MABP was monitored for 60 min.
Several studies by Zink and colleagues (1998a,b, 2006) focused on the combined effects of acute alcohol intoxication on hemorrhagic shock and TBI in swine, showing decreased survival time, lowered MABP, and reduced cerebral perfusion pressure, which may worsen secondary brain injury.
The rats were resuscitated in vivo by reinfusion of the shed blood to restore normotension and the MABP was monitored for 30 minutes.
Regional Differences in Routine Monitoring in Sweden, Norway, and Denmark Evaluated in 1999, 2004, and 2009 Sweden (%), n = 6 Norway (%), n = 5 1999 2004 2009 1999 2004 2009 MABP 100 100 100 100 100 100 ICP 100 100 100 80 100 100 -EVD 100 100 83.
By assuming sufficiently patient agents (with discount factor [gamma] close enough to (1) and sufficiently costly deliberation, the problem has a structure reminiscent of the MABP because a single agent is "activated" in each period (either to deliberate or to receive the items) and an agent's state only changes when activated.
5 148[+ or -]13 MABP (mmHg) HR (beats/min) Pre-ischemia Control 93[+ or -]3 325[+ or -]10 Magnolol 0.
It maintains a relatively constant cerebral blood flow to the brain across a range of MABP from 50 to 150 mm Hg.
Provo's ideologies were channelled largely through the group's own publication Ontbijt op Bed (Breakfast in Bed), whose former editor-in-chief, along with numerous collectors of underground literature, has donated generously to MABP.