MABRMid America Basset Rescue (now BassetsRus Retirement Ranch, Inc.; Oskaloosa, KS)
MABRMembrane Aerated Biofilm Reactor (wastewater treatment)
MABRMontes Azules Biosphere Reserve (Durham, NC)
MABRManchester and Birmingham Railway
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The agreement covers a total of six plants designed to deploy Containerised Smart Packaged MABR (C-MABR) technology ranging between 600 to 1,000 m3/day.
The ability to treat wastewater at a fraction of the operating costs using the MABR solution is very attractive for our clients, and enables us to strongly differentiate ourselves, which we expect to result in extensive deployment of packaged MABR solutions.
The parties calculate a significant market opportunity in the target provinces over the next five years, with the market potential for MABR based solutions estimated at over US$2.
To increase awareness of regional environmental attributes, MABF personnel approached local elected bodies and environmental groups and proposed the building of a world-class nature interpretative centre in the MABR.
The collaborative approach is also at the core of many biosphere reserve logistics activities, for example, ONE Monitoring Program; the Long Point SOE and monitoring initiative; MABR Oceanside dollars; and MSHBR Perimeter Committee.
This project win validates the superior performance of our MABR technology with a marquee client with well-established knowledge of the water sector.
Jack Zhang, Founder, Chairman and Chief Technology Officer of Shanghai Winner, stated, Emefcys MABR solution represents a new generation in wastewater treatment technologies.
It is for this exact reason that we welcomed the opportunity to host the first European pilot plant for GEs ZeeLung MABR at our wastewater treatment plant, located in Borghetto (SV), said Giovanni Paolo Paganelli, general manager of Servizi Ambientali.
The demonstration results, supported by process modeling, show that the 30 percent energy demand reduction would be achieved if about one-third of the facilitys reactors were converted into anoxic zones where MABR membranes are immersed to provide supplemental nitrification capacity in the existing reactor volume.
GEs ZeeLung MABR technology will enable us to increase the treatment capacity within our existing footprint while also reducing the energy consumption of the plant," said Kevin Collman, executive director, Yorkville-Bristol Sanitary District.
The demonstration of GE s new ZeeLung MABR may be an innovative way to meet the future regulation for phosphorous removal within the existing footprint while also decreasing the energy demand of the plant.
An innovative gas transfer membrane has been developed for use in a MABR that is at the core of an energy-neutral flow sheet for municipal wastewater treatment.