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MABUMarketing & Advertising Business Unlimited, Inc. (Bismarck, ND)
MABUMother and Baby Unit
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Mabu Shareef Shaik, Assistant Professor, Department of Pharmacology, Rajiv Gandhi Institute of Medical Sciences, Kadapa-516002.
Mabu Yawuru Ngan-ga 2013 Yawuru Language Centre, Broome, WA, < language-centre> accessed 25 February 2014.
Grandes nomes internacionais -Kazuo Ohno, David Lebreton, Mabu Mines, Heiner Muller, Jerzy Grotowski, Maurice Bejart, Peter Brook, o critico Eric Bentley, entre outros- comecam a se deslocar para o Brasil em excursoes, participando de eventos, dando a conhecer novos aportes, perspectivas e referencias a pesquisa nacional.
The expedition has two aims; as well as doing something truly unique in exploring this last frontier, the expedition hopes to raise awareness of the importance of protecting the future of these fragile ecosystems and to sow the seeds for the start of a nature-based tourist initiative within the Mount Mabu area.
James Mabu hailed the meeting saying such meetings should continue so that the partners can be directed for special coordination of activities.
If the newly found holes are confirmed to be pits, called ''mabu,'' it would be the first such discovery since the 592-hectar ruins of the Iwami Ginzan silver mine in Oda were put on the heritage list in 2007.
Wheat ship Suchada Naree sailed out to sea while chemical ship Chemtrans Mabu Hay and edible oil ship Chemroad Mega expected to sail later today.
Anyone planning to kiss under a sprig of Helixanthera shizocalyx would have to travel to Mount Mabu in northern Mozambique, where the species was discovered.
This parasitic, tropical mistletoe was named in 2010, and was first discovered near the summit of Mount Mabu in northern Mozambique, a region which hit the headlines in 2008 when a Kew-led expedition uncovered this lost world bursting with biodiversity.
"The color palette has been delicately limited to creams, purples, and shades of brown with exciting yellow accents provide lively movement to the simply designed interior," writes the author, referring to the restaurant Mabu.