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MACAWMultiple Alignment Construction and Analysis Workbench
MACAWMultiple Access with Collision Avoidance for Wireless
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He informed Mohammed that Karishma, the female scarlet macaw, had run away from their home in Al Qusais.
Jo said that feather plucking was a rare stress response among red-fronted macaws but can become habit-forming and continue even when the birds are happily settled.
Studies on the characterization and genetic diversity of macaw palm fruits in the state of Goids, Brazil, are still incipient.
The Cartwright household is home to several feathered and furry friends, including two cats, two shih tzus, two rescue bulldogs and a second rescue macaw.
A total of eight ships namely, Maersk Denver, MSC Tomoko, African Macaw, Agri Princes, Christina-L Thor Maximum, Macoma and Dreggen are currently occupying PQA berths to load/offload container, Steel Coil, Soya been seeds, Coal, Phosphoric Acid, LNG and Palm Kernel during last 24 hours.
LAHORE -- The avian influenza, commonly known as bird flu, is hitting birds at the Lahore Zoo as two of its macaws died of the viral disease recently.
Macaws like me think our rainforest home is a great place to live.
Avipoxvirus detection by PCR according to clinical status and psittacine species, Brazil, 2015* Clinical status PCR positive Normal Cutaneous lesions Psittacine species Amazona aestiva (blue-fronted parrot) 4 -- Amazona brasiliensis (red-tailed Amazon) -- 1 Anodorhynchus hyacinthinus (hyacinthine macaw) -- 2 Ara chloropterus (green-winged macaw) -- -- Ara macao (scarlet macaw) -- 2 Ara ararauna (blue and yellow macaw) -- -- Deroptyus accipitrinus (red-fan parrot) -- 1 Guaruba guarouba (golden conure) -- 9 Pionites leucogaster (white-bellied caique) -- 4 Pionus fuscus (dusky parrot) -- 3 Total 4 23 Ratio, no.
The macaw starred in Rio and Rio 2, with birds Blu and Jewel voiced by Jesse Eisenberg and Anne Hathaway.
Set up by four former senior British Gas engineers, MACAW now employs around 100 people, and has been on a path of steady and measured growth for the past 20 years and has moved or expanded its premises three times to accommodate its growing workforce and workload.
He said: "The success and consistent growth MACAW has seen over two decades is almost unprecedented, and is testament to the strong leadership and clear direction they have there.