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MACAWMultiple Alignment Construction and Analysis Workbench
MACAWMultiple Access with Collision Avoidance for Wireless
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The objective to this study was to a) locate, describe, and assess current threats to ACOSA Scarlet Macaw nesting cavities, b) compare these data to ACOPAC Scarlet Macaw nesting cavities, and c) discuss resultant conservation implications.
Exhibited are his watercolour The Lovebirds' Wedding, in which the ceremony is witnessed by a pair of eagle owls, storks, cranes, a penguin and other birds, and A Select Committee, dominated by a bossy Hyacinth macaw.
Hillaire and Quinteros, for example, are trying to solve a puzzle about macaw chicks.
Hakansson has faithfully reproduced the call of the Spix's macaw using a recording, downloaded from the Web, of a single live bird.
Jim Smith holds one of his birds, a scarlet macaw, on his property east of Marcola.
After several attempts to obtain chicks through captive breeding, a pilot study on the reintroduction of wild-caught blue-and-gold macaws was implemented in 1999.
Formerly trained by John Gosden, Macaw continues to repay Goldie's patience.
The suspect, a 47-year-old self-employed Tokyo man, allegedly sold the eight macaws, which are protected by the Washington Convention on endangered species, on two occasions, first in August 1999 and then in October last year, without a license.
At a new $550 million facility in Brazil, GM is testing operation "Blue Macaw.
Latin America's glaucous macaw has probably become extinct during the past 50 years.
Other thematic accents include a live macaw, and animal-print fabrics throughout the hotel.
Dos Santos is one of many peasants who watch over the blue Spix macaw (cyanopsitta spixii), the last of its species to survive in the wild.