MACCSMarine Air Command and Control System (US DoD)
MACCSMacquarie Centre for Cognitive Science
MACCSMagnetometer Array for Cusp and Cleft Studies
MACCSMolecular Access System
MACCSMauritius Cargo Community Services Ltd. (Mauritius)
MACCSMobile Advanced Command and Control Station (MIT Humans and Automation Laboratory)
MACCSMovie Accounting Systems
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The ASOC and elements of the MACCS experienced predictable growing pains during this transition.
All the prospects of a motion picture theatrical release including planning, booking contracts, inventory, box office data, invoicing, and cash receivables are being managed by MACCS Theatrical Distribution Software.
Explore Opportunities to Enhance TACS and MACCS Understanding in the USCENTCOM AOR through a More Robust Liaison Officer Program.
0 is an "in-house" file which can be run on MACCS II, DARC-SMS and ORAC systems or in the SMD format for companies who have developed their own software.
Sanofi Chimmie, a current MDL customer, migrated from MACCS and REACCS to ISIS.