MACCSMarine Air Command and Control System (US DoD)
MACCSMacquarie Centre for Cognitive Science
MACCSMagnetometer Array for Cusp and Cleft Studies
MACCSMolecular Access System
MACCSMauritius Cargo Community Services Ltd. (Mauritius)
MACCSMobile Advanced Command and Control Station (MIT Humans and Automation Laboratory)
MACCSMovie Accounting Systems
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For example, the value of K is 1024 in CDK and the value of K is 153 in MACCS. D = {[d.sub.1], [d.sub.2], ...
Liu et al., "Molecular characterization of MaCCS, a novel copper chaperone gene involved in abiotic and hormonal stress responses in Musa acuminata cv.
This system and the processes and weapons systems (e.g., CAOC, CRC, air defense sectors, AWACS, and air support operations center) that make up the TACS, along with the sister services' joint C2 systems (MACCS, Aegis, E-2D, etc.), are the critical vehicle for executing the centralized control and decentralized execution of the air campaign.
These were canonical SMILES (SMILE) [17], 120bit ALOGP, 166-bit MACCS, and 1024-bit Path fingerprints (EPFP4) from Scitegic's Pipeline Pilot and 1024-bit CDK (CDKFP) and 881-bit Pubchem fingerprints (PCFP) from the PaDEL-descriptor software.
The ASOC and elements of the MACCS experienced predictable growing pains during this transition.
And Lions came out fighting after the break, but for all their pressure, they could not break the Macc defence down, and Winney inched the visitors further ahead with a penalty from distance.
The Newcastle Mater Hospital Haematology Unit together with the Mater Acute Care Community Service (MACCS) developed a protocol for HITH care following AutoHSCT.
A graduate degree can be an important asset to older CPAs competing with the new generation of CPAs who are entering the workforce holding MBAs or MAccs. A CPA who wishes to deduct the cost of a graduate degree under IRC section 162 should consider several issues.
The 20-member Muhammad Ali Center Council of Students (MACCS) contributed ideas for exhibits and educational programs.
Wilson made up for his earlier mistake with a fine save to deny Spencer moments later but the hot-shot struck again 12 minutes from time after the Maccs defence had failed to clear a corner
The database will be available in molfile format, compatible with Molecular Design Limited's REACCS, MACCS and ISIS software.