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MACDMoving Average Convergence/Divergence
MACDMichigan Association of Conservation Districts
MACDMontana Association of Conservation Districts (Helena, MT)
MACDMinnesota Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry
MACDMove Add Change or Delete
MACDMedium Access Control Device
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To meet this criteria, instead of presenting a new filter, this work presented a novel approach called Moving Average Convergence Divergence (MACD) -based bandwidth estimation scheme (MBES) for DASH services.
Using the MACD sequence to substitute the traditional price time series will not lose the characteristic of original information of this financial system.
Prices are trading above the daily 20 SMA and the MACD has also crossed to the upside.
The bullish trend is further confirmed by the stock's MACD chart and recent volume activity.
On the hourly chart I check after each hour the MACD. We have a signal when the MACD Line crossed the Signal Line.
The standard interpretation is to buy when the MACD line (blue line of the bottom chart) crosses up through the signal line (green line), or sell when it crosses down through the signal line.
Whilst the MACD trades to the upside, prices are below the daily 20 SMA.
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Using a technical indicator such as the MACD shows a buy signal is close to being generated.
Technical indicators such as the MACD point to the upside and prices are also above both the 20 and 200 SMA.
- MACD line - the difference between the 12 and 26 period EMA.<br> - Signal line - the 9 period EMA of the MACD line.<br> - Histogram - a visual representation of the difference between the MACD line and the signal line.
One such indicator is the MACD which I have plotted on this 4-hour chart.