MACETMichigan Association of Continuing Education and Training
MACETModular Algorithm Concept Evaluation Tool
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But the MRT won't start operating until at least 2019, and it seems that the ERP is stuck in a macet made of bureaucratic and logistical issues.
The Medical Advisory Committee for the Elimination of Tuberculosis (MACET) is an independent volunteer committee of physicians and other tuberculosis experts commissioned by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to advise the state Department of Public Health on matters related to tuberculosis.
CHEST X-RAYS FOR NURSING STUDENTS WITH POSITIVE PPDS In 2003, the Medical Advisory Committee for the Elimination of Tuberculosis (MACET) College Health Subcommittee issued recommendations to college health services to improve the implementation of processes aimed at detection and treatment of latent tuberculosis infection, the current term for tuberculosis infection that is asymptomatic, dormant, and noncontagious.
Sidel, "Macet Total: Logics of Circulation and Accumulation in the Demise of Indonesia's New Order", Indonesia 66 (October 1998): 166-67.