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MACHAMid-Atlantic Collegiate Hockey Association (est. 1997)
MACHAMichigan Automated Clearing House Association (now Payments Authority, Inc.)
MACHAMid-America Collegiate Hockey Association
MACHAMulti Agency Community Housing Association (est. 1991; Adelaide, South Australia, Australia)
MACHAMid-America College Health Association (American College Health Association)
MACHAMid-Atlantic Clearing House Association (Hanover, MD)
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But when Macha called on her friends to contribute artworks on the subject matter, her announcement yielded works from over 70 artists.
The solo parts were undertaken by eight Czech pianists of note--Igor Ardasev, Ivo Kahanek, Martin Kasik, Karel Kosarek, Vaclav Macha, Miroslav Sekera, Adam Skoumal and Daniel Wiesner--who were accompanied by the Prague Radio Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Tomas Brauner.
KEY WORDS: parasites, trematodes, branchial coccidia, rickettsiales-like organisms, hemocytic infiltration, razor clam Ensis macha (Pharidae)
Macha is a typical poor rural village located in the southern province of Zambia.
En este contexto, el presente trabajo propone rastrear el concepto de doble domicilio como categoria historica, recuperando el contexto colonial en el que fue esgrimido, a partir del analisis del control multiecologico simultaneo a nivel de cada unidad domestica de un continuum de pisos ecologicos del grupo aymara-hablante contenido en el repartimiento de Macha (norte de Potosi), en la Audiencia de Charcas, a inicios del siglo XVII.
The networks we analyzed in Macha, Dwesa, and Peebles Valley are constructed in this way.
He went to Emain Macha for a chance to be champion.
Y cientos de miles de signos de admiracion se erizan por la Republica Macha.
Macha and McDonough are affiliated with the School of Nursing at the University of North Florida's Brooks College of Health.
Mouthy gambler Jake Green (Jason Statham) has the audacity not only to beat ruthless gangster Macha (Ray Liotta) at his own game, but also to humiliate him in public.
Overfishing population characteristics of razor clam, Ensis macha, from Independencia Bay, Peru, in 2004 year
Mathews Macha put the hosts ahead shortly after the break but substitute Ahmed Salama brought the score level eight minutes from time.