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MACISModelling and Analysing Complex Interacting Systems
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In an effort to answer this question, Lacetera and Macis conducted a randomized survey experiment with a representative sample of Canadian residents, finding overwhelming support for compensation to plasma donors without regard to geographic location, with only slightly higher support for paying donors in the U.S.
Macis added: "New product development has been a focus for The Saucy Fish Co.
Furthermore, recent empirical research on the use of financial incentives to increase blood donations, which also relies on the altruistic motives of the donor, have not found results consistent with the crowding out hypothesis (Lacetera and Macis 2010, 2013; Lacetera, Macis, and Slonim 2012, 2013).
The analyses of evaluation for several prognostic systems including EORTC, AGES, AMES, MACIS, the 7th edition TNM, and the 8th edition TNM were performed to determine whether any of them had a better predictive effect of CSS in dedifferentiated patients.
La mezcla basica, conocida en algunos recetarios de cocina como <<garam masala>> (degaram, que eleva el calor del cuerpo en un sentido ayurvedico; y de masala, mezcla de especias) incluye pimienta, canela, nuez moscada y macis, cardamomo, laurel y comino (Cartay, 2005, pp.
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We thank Lacetera, Macis, and Slonim for their comments.
Recent evidence has also shown that compensation for blood donation increases supply without reducing quality (Lacetera, Macis and Slonim 2012).