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MACLASMiddle Atlantic Council of Latin American Studies (Virginia Commonwealth University)
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Finally, regarding indebtedness, the financial crisis has made clear that the structural problems of the concessional financing programmes (Maclas Vazquez, 2010), which hypothetically increased financial aid to debtor countries and made such aid more flexible, did not establish clear incentives for the LDCs to adopt development models that would strengthen the internal mechanisms of savings and investment generation (UNCTAD, 2010).
De igual forma, se aprecia claramente la presencia de maclas en el interior de los granos por efecto del proceso de extrusion previo.
By chronological order, Spain's "conquistas" (or conquests) made in the name of christian evangelisation, left a painful memory in North and central America, the caribbean Islands, South America, the Phillipines, and nearer home, in Northwestern Africa -- Morocco, western Sahara -- and smaller colonies in Equatorial Africa and the island of Maclas Nouema (now Fernando Po).