MACMMaster of Arts in Christian Ministry
MACMMichigan Association of Court Mediators (Ann Arbor, Michigan)
MACMMemory Access Control Matrix
MACMMaster Chief Master At Arms
MACMMalta Association of Credit Management (est. 2001)
MACMMaine Academy of Country Music
MACMMember of the Association of Computing Machinery
MACMMandatory Access Control Mechanism
MACMMaster Chief Machine Accountant (Naval Rating)
MACMMutual Assistance in Criminal Matters
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Considering the complex role of BA47 in language, a metaanalytic connectivity analysis utilizing MACM on the participation of BA47 in language was developed.
Furthermore, MACM is still new requiring performance of future validation studies.
Locally, retail sales may be looking dim for some but MACM believes Mexican cigar sales are gaining momentum abroad.
According to MACM the cigars have been widely accepted in the Mexican market.
Our set of benchmark multiples assumes that the group engagement partner has used appropriate professional judgment to determine the number of significant components to which MACM will be allocated, including removing any insignificant components that are immaterial in aggregate and that are of sufficiently low risk (in accordance with ISA 600, paragraphs A50-A53).
To determine the upper bound suggested by the model, the group engagement partner multiplies group overall materiality by the appropriate benchmark multiple from the table and then uses the calculated MACM as a reference point in establishing component materiality levels or evaluating the component materiality levels proposed by component auditors.
219) Furthermore, when seeking foreign evidence both the United States and Switzerland have committed to using the MACM as a first resort whenever possible.
In examining the activities regarding this eventual compliance with MACM in light of the current banking controversy, it is evident that the recent activities of the Swiss have occurred over an uncharacteristically short time-span.
The company has benefited from its conservative approach in booking loss reserves, which has enabled MACM to continue its mission of providing a long-term stable market for physicians in Mississippi.
Best's revised outlook for MACM is based on its improved capitalization and sustained strong operating profitability under the relatively stable operating environment over the majority of the 10-year period.
6) By committing space belonging or contiguous to the MACM, the institution conferred heightened cultural significance to EM16 (Elektra & Mutek) and BIAS.
Que les initiateurs de l'exposition n'aient pas cru bon d'inclure des artistes du Quebec constitue peut-etre un probleme en soi, mais que le MACM ait repris l'exposition sans corriger cette omission aussi aveuglante que derangeante est particulierement discutable.