MACOAMontgomery Area Council on Aging (Alabama)
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(3) Related to the current ethnonym, Macua, (4) one of the oldest words in Portuguese sources concerning Mozambique, we have: Makous, Macoa, Macoua, Maquoir, Macquois, Makua, etc.
I come now to one of the major excitements of Munich 2007: about 50 exceptional thumbnails and miniatures from a June 2007 discovery of microlite in the Macoa mine, Alto Ligonha, Mozambique.
MACOA, route de Bouaye, BP 4129, 44341 Bouguenais cedex, France; (2) Laboratoire MATEIS-CNRS UMR-5510, Equipe RI2S, INSA-Lyon, Bat.