MACPAMichigan Association of Certified Public Accountants
MACPAMaryland Association of Certified Public Accountants (Baltimore, MD)
MACPAMid-America Crop Protection Association
MACPAMid-Atlantic Community Papers Association
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Hood's hands-on XBRL work with the MACPA helped him earn a position with the SC&H Group, an accounting and management-consulting firm in Sparks, Md.
Over the course of the last year and half, MACPA has held more than a dozen "mixed reality" meetings in Second Life attended by more than 400 people.
While it might have appeared to be mere venting at the time, Yospa's critique unwittingly became part of a massive restructuring project that has streamlined MACPA from the inside out.
It is evident that CIMA in Malaysia is losing out to ACCA, MACPA and ASCPA as the employers' choice.
MACPA could be considered an early adopter of most things social networking, having explored everything from MySpace to Second Life.
For example, the MACPA is planning the Maryland Business & Accounting Expo conference June 17-18, "to be held concurrently (in the real world) and in the virtual world of Second Life and to offer CPE credit through a virtual classroom.
The mission of MACPA is to protect and further the interests of their members; enhance the image of certified public accountants; enable their members to conform to high standards of professional service; and provide the necessary resources for members to thrive in a dynamic, rapidly changing environment.
MACPA president Terry Kippley (left) presents the association's Industry Vision Award To Bob Diest (center).
It's rare to find courses of this quality on these topics--especially so conveniently packaged and affordably priced," said Tom Hood CPA and CEO of the MACPA.
Winners voluntarily promote stewardship, not just talk about it," says Bonnie McCarvel, MACPA executive director, St.
He is an active member of the AICPA, MACPA, and APCPA, as well as the International Association of Registered Financial Consultants.