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MACROMotion and Control Ring Optical
MACROMediation And Conflict Resolution Office (state of Maryland)
MACROMonopole, Astrophysics and Cosmic Ray Observatory (National Laboratories of Gran Sasso; Abruzzo, Italy)
MACROMerge and Correlate Recorded Output (computer command sequence)
MACROMid America Council of Recycling Officials
MACROMalawi AIDS Counseling and Resource Organization (USAID)
MACROMulticenter Academic Clinical Research Organization (various locations)
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Thus, a hacker can put a macro virus into a Word ".doc" file and rename it with an ".rtf" extension, thus escaping detection by antivirus programs that are set to examine only files with certain extensions.
Understanding the document assembly capabilities of sophisticated word processors requires familiarization with templates and macros; A template stores the format (including text, graphics, font styles, character and paragraph settings, and similar characteristics) of frequently used documents into a file.
A macro placed in its own file will automatically have its cell and range specifications assigned to whatever file the macro is placed in.
Macro has been providing Integrated Facilities Management to EKI's portfolio of schools since 2012 and has been instrumental in supporting them on achieving an 'Outstanding' educational rating during academics inspections from KHDA and ADEC.
'These water businesses will provide the diversification needed to boost Macro Asia's growth outside of the aviation sector,' Chua said.
For over 15 years Macro and Crimson have collaborated on numerous customer implementations.
Commenting on Coley's appointment, Mark Graham, managing director for the MENAP region said, "I am really pleased to have Coley on board with us at Macro and bring with him his wealth of experience within the region.
The great thing about macro counting is if you're clever about it, you can factor in a piece of cake or slice of pizza a few times a week, however, and not go over your allowance.
A systematic verification of the existing macro models is thus required, to improve the performance of these models.
ARAB NEWS The macro lense is deal for users seeking to produce images for their Instagram feed or to produce a portfolio of product imagery for a small business.