MACTMaximum Achievable Control Technology
MACTMaximum Available Control Technology
MACTMen of All Colors Together
MACTMotor Accident Claims Tribunal (India)
MACTMinnesota Association of Community Theatres
MACTMaulana Azad College of Technology (Bhopal, India)
MACTMicrosoft Application Center Test
MACTMaster of Arts in Communication and Technology
MACTMichigan Association of County Treasurers
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Advocate and social activist Amit Sahni sought passing further directions to hold that the interest accrued upon the compensation awarded by a MACT is not taxable.
According to a 2017 EPA fact sheet, the air toxics MACT program with the once in, always in policy had resulted in the elimination of 1.7 million tons of hazardous air pollution.
The MACT awards compensation after determining issues like income of the deceased, the deduction to be made towards the personal living expenses of the deceased and the multiplier to be applied with reference to the age of the deceased.
This policy with the force of a regulation is a May 16, 1995 EPA memorandum titled, "Potential to Emit (PTE) for MACT Standards--Guidance on Timing Issues," from John Seitz, Director, Office of Air Quality Planning and Standards (OAQPS), to Regional Air Division Directors, and is commonly known as the "Once-in-Always-in" policy.
"Unfortunately, [the June 29] ruling came far too late, as the Obama administration forced compliance with the Utility MACT Rule years before we were able to defeat this illegal rule in court," the company said.
Early in the "NESHAP for Brick and Structural Clay Products Manufacturing" or Brick MACT rule development, EPA noted that new kiln emissions thresholds and other requirements would see brick producers incur an estimated $55 million in capital costs, plus $18.4 million in annual compliance costs--against $24 million to $99 million in net public benefits.
Facilities must comply with MACT and MATS requirements in 2015.
The common relational database provides a unified programming and management interface that makes MACT easy to generalize.
* Boiler MACT: The agency is in the process of finalizing standards for boilers, industrial incinerators and cement makers.
MACT judge Sanjiv Jain ordered the Oriental Insurance Company, with which the offending vehicle was insured, to pay nearly ` 1.5 crore to the family of deceased Sultn Singh.
The final MACT standard for this subcategory of small dehydrators requires existing affected sources to meet a unit-specific BTEX emission limit of 3.01 x 10-4 grams BTEX/scm-ppmv (parts per million by volume) and new affected sources are required to meet a limit of 5.44 x 10-5 grams BTEX/scm-ppmv.