MACTECMAC Technical Services Company
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MACTEC, based in Alpharetta, GA, is a leading engineering and design, environmental and construction firm.
Prior to joining MACTEC, Pollitt served as project administration for a Puerto Rico-based architecture and engineering design firm.
Headquartered in Alpharetta, GA, MACTEC is an industry leader in engineering, environmental, and construction services to public and private clients worldwide.
Providing lasting and sustaining solutions that meet the needs of our clients is the foundation from which we operate," said MACTEC Director of Sustainability Sarah Hansen.
Instruments associated with the CASTNet site (O3and MET2) are audited by a contractor hired by MACTEC and are not included in the scope of services.
15 /PRNewswire/ -- MACTEC has been awarded a contract by Eastman Chemical Company's Technology organization to implement a facility asset management pilot program encompassing 72 areas that comprise seven building complexes, representing about one million square feet.
Based on audit with MACTEC, Ameresco to perform numerous energy conservation measures on 30 municipal and 15 school buildings city-wide
1 /PRNewswire/ -- Technology developed by MACTEC Development Corporation (MDC) to assay radiologically impacted soils is being used at a NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) decommissioned reactor facility.
MACTEC will be providing engineering design and permit support for the design/installation of a $10 million solar power project.
9 /PRNewswire/ -- MACTEC's Facility Lifecycle Group, the facility asset management software and services operating division of MACTEC Engineering and Consulting, Inc.
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MACTEC is confident that a truly objective, fact-based review of the chronology of events, DelDOT's responsibilities, and DelDOT's decisions, including withholding of key information from Figg and MACTEC with the approval from the highest level in DelDOT, will result in dismissal of the complaint.