MACUMountain America Credit Union
MACUMid-America Christian University (Oklahoma City, OK)
MACUMichigan Association of Credit Unions
MACUMembers Australia Credit Union
MACUMultidrop Auto-Call Unit
MACUMaterial Cost Per Unit
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All these patients were admitted to the MACU. Three patients relapsed after initial resolution and transfer to the general medical ward.
In 2008, MACU launched a VOC software service from Allegiance Inc.
Set in the futuristic 2054, it could just as easily be 1954 given the fluidity of time and the "many hooked lure" of nostalgia for long ago, when Gant, Macu, and Logan were all young, the Gant had the running of the Back Trace, and Macu was by his side.
She is a queen called Mari Macu and she lives in the city of Cuzco looking after her people with basic medical care.
[53] Talavera underscored the concept of limpieza when he urged the nuns to "flee with hatred those things that could taint/stain and bring infamy to their purity and perfect chastity" [Huid hermanas con mucho estudio y aborrecimiento todas las cosas que pueden macu lar y traer infamia a vuestra limpieza y perfecta castidad.
An embedded multi analyzer control unit (MACU) provides 32-bit, real time operation.
YOU try making sense of lines like "Dall je iko ovdje vidio Slocombe gopodjinu macu?" (Has anyone seen Mrs Slocombe's pussy?) as mortar shells rain down.
While mortar shells rained down, viewers tried to make sense of the show's dubbed one-liners like Dall je iko ovdje vidio Slocombe gopodjinu macu? (Has anyone seen Mrs Slocombe's pussy?).
An Alter Producciones, CNAC, RCTV, Macu Films (Venezuela)/Gona TV (Spain)/ICAIC (Cuba) production.
The major visit is undoubtedly to the Inca city of Macu Picchu, high up in the Andes, the legendary `lost city' only discovered in 1911.
MACU, for example, worked with developer, Gardner Company and co-tenant, Hale Centre Theatre to build a shared parking structure.