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MACULMichigan Association for Computer Users in Learning
MACULMichigan Association for Computer-related technology Users in Learning
MACULMichigan Computer Users in Learning (conference)
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The impact also tore the side of the center island and toppled the lamp post next to it, Macul said, adding the vehicle appeared to be running at 70 kilometers per hour.
BEST BUYS Chilean Cabernet Sauvignon: Las Mulas, Torres PS8.99 Marques de Casa Concha, Puenta Alto, Concha y Toro PS10.65 Cousino Macul Antigas Reservas PS8.95 Cucao, Rapel Valley PS7.55
Rohini Sonawane, Chief Operations Officer, eScan, said, "We are very excited about MACUL this year as we will be announcing eScan for Mac Edition.
Firstly, the original estate at Macul is gradually being enveloped by the spreading urban sprawl from Santiago.
New vineyards have been created over the past 8 years, and the original estate at Macul, comprising some 270 hectares, is to be substantially downsized with the aim of retaining around 30 hectares in production.
Cousino Macul Antiguas Reservas Chardonnay 1999 is a terrific block-buster of a dry white.
After extensive studies and an exhaustive three-year search for the perfect spot, the Cousinos purchased a 300 hectare estate (1 hectare = 2.47 acres) in Buin, a sub-region of the Maipo Valley just 20 miles south of the old Macul site.
"The biggest challenge was to locate a site that would offer climatic and soil conditions that were similar to those we had worked with for 140 years in Macul," he said.
The climate at Buin is slightly different from that of the old Macul estate, with warmer daytime highs, cooler afternoon and evening temperatures, and 40% more rainfall.
A believer in organic viticulture, he has been gradually implementing new organic methods for insect and disease control at Macul (which, if successful, will be applied at Buin), and developing procedures for avoiding environmental contamination.
While moving forward has been a priority for the Cousino family during the last decade, part of the Macul Estate will remain intact at the original site in Santiago.
He said Macul, who was hit on the abdomen, was set to marry his fiancee in two months.