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MADAMManchester Automatic Digital Machine
MADAMMultidisciplinary Antenatal Diagnosis and Management (fetal medicine)
MADAMMateriel Development Automated Milestone (System)
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I am afraid you will find them quite persistent, madam," he said.
That is exactly what I should have guessed it, madam," said Mr.
It is very pretty, madam," said he, gravely examining it; "but I do not think it will wash well; I am afraid it will fray.
But then you know, madam, muslin always turns to some account or other; Miss Morland will get enough out of it for a handkerchief, or a cap, or a cloak.
It is true, madam," said Rochester, bowing in his turn, "that Parry is the model of servants; but, madam, he is no longer young, and we laugh only when we see cheerful objects.
Ah, madam," cried Buckingham, "your royal highness pierces my heart with a dagger forged by your own hands.
It means, madam, that you yourself, so good, so charming, so sensible, you have laughed sometimes -- smiled, I should say -- at the idle prattle of that good Parry, for whom your royal highness to-day entertains such a marvelous susceptibility.
said Rochester, "how sad your royal highness is to-day; in truth we seem ridiculous fools to you, madam.
My dear madam, brought up, educated, and trained, expressly for that purpose.
My dear madam, I object to him--to him--emphatically to Ned himself.
A marriage with my son, whom I should be compelled to disown, would be followed by years of misery; they would be separated, my dear madam, in a twelvemonth.
If I don't appear to express my concurrence in those last sentiments of yours,' returned Mr Chester, 'quite so strongly as you might desire, it is because his being there, my dear madam, and not proving conversational, led me hither, and procured me the happiness of this interview with one, in whom the whole management, conduct, and prosperity of her family are centred, I perceive.