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MADAMSMulti-Channel Acoustic Data Acquisition and Measurement System
MADAMSMAteriel Development Automated Milestone System
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Sophia replied, "Delay at least, madam, I may expect from both your goodness and my father's.
"Will you pardon my asking, madam, if you have seen the newspapers this morning?" he inquired.
"If you will step this way for one moment, madam," he begged.
"Yes, madam; probably to arrange for your protection and comfort in England."
"No trouble, I assure you, madam." Then forming his features into a set smile, and affectedly softening his voice, he added, with a simpering air, "Have you been long in Bath, madam?"
"Because, madam," replied Buckingham, piqued, "because the faithful Parry, the wandering Parry, the eternal Parry, is not, I believe, of much consequence."
'Dear madam,' he said, pressing her hand delicately to his lips;