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MADDMothers Against Drunk Driving
MADDMake A Difference Day
MADDMultiple Acyl-Coa Dehydrogenase Deficiency
MADDMathematicians Against Drunk Deriving :-)
MADDMusicians of Antrim District Development (Antrim, Northern Ireland)
MADDMothers Against Deadbeat Dads
MADDMultiple-Antenna Differential Decoding
MADDMusicians, Artists, and DJs with Diverse Vybez (Florida)
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14],[15] Meanwhile, MADD patients showed no muscle edema but had increased fatty infiltration in the posterior, compared with the anterior or medial, compartments of the thigh muscles.
MADD is detected in newborn screening by increased C4, C5, C5-DC, C6, C8, C12, C14, and C16 acylcarnitines (see abbreviation list) on tandem mass spectrometry.
MADD will keep fighting to protect our daughters, sons, mothers, fathers, brothers, and sisters from this violent crime with the best countermeasures available--and we won't stop until we create a nation of no more victims.
MADD also thanks law enforcement personnel, who play a pivotal role out on patrol doing their best to stop drunken drivers.
In 1980, a drunk hit-and-run driver with four previous drunk driving convictions struck and killed Candy Lightner's daughter while she walked with a friend in a bike lane in California; as a result of this devastating loss, Candy Lightner and some of her friends began MADD (Fell & Vosa, 2006; Lerner, 2011; Weed, 1987; Wilkerson, 2003).
8220;Their lives were touched by the tragedy drunk drivers can cause and they work very hard to raise awareness for MADD.
The last time something along these lines was done at MADD was about 10 years ago.
MADD officials, including the president of the Delaware chapter of MADD, Nancy Raynor, said the event could send the "wrong message" to young people who saw the president drinking beer on TV.
Parents should think twice before sending their teens to these colleges or any others that have waved the white flag on underage and binge drinking policies," declared MADD President Laura Dean-Mooney.
But MADD (Mothers Against Drinking and Driving) Canada have been working with Native Counselling Services of Alberta to not only reduce fatalities, but support survivors and victims.
MADD advocates for a shorter license restriction period for all convicted drunk drivers and a longer ignition interlock period.