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MADEMilano Architettura Design Edilizia (Italian: Milan Design Architecture Construction; expo)
MADEMaking a Difference Everywhere (Bridgewater, NJ)
MADEMaterials and Design Exchange (Materials Knowledge Transfer Network; UK)
MADEMultimedia Application Development Environment
MADEManufacturing Automation and Design Engineering
MADEMoney Attitude Direction Education (Rap album)
MADEModern Action Diverse Entertainment (wrestling)
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Others suspect that two thirds will oppress the remaining third, and ask whether those gentlemen are made sufficiently responsible for their conduct; whether, if they act corruptly, they can be punished; and if they make disadvantageous treaties, how are we to get rid of those treaties?
She made no secret of her desires, and I was bidden to translate.
The wench, seeing that her master was coming and knowing that his temper was terrible, frightened and panic-stricken made for the bed of Sancho Panza, who still slept, and crouching upon it made a ball of herself.
"Whoever made that patchwork quilt, from which Scraps was formed, must have selected the gayest and brightest bits of cloth that ever were woven."
Fabre has lately shown good reason for believing that although the Tachytes nigra generally makes its own burrow and stores it with paralysed prey for its own larvae to feed on, yet that when this insect finds a burrow already made and stored by another sphex, it takes advantage of the prize, and becomes for the occasion parasitic.
As for the pickaxe, I made use of the iron crows, which were proper enough, though heavy; but the next thing was a shovel or spade; this was so absolutely necessary, that, indeed, I could do nothing effectually without it; but what kind of one to make I knew not.
She got so cold that we made her hide her head under the buffalo robe.
From Leghorn to Naples (calling at Civita Vecchia to land any who may prefer to go to Rome from that point), the distance will be made in about thirty-six hours; the route will lay along the coast of Italy, close by Caprera, Elba, and Corsica.
After that I sat a great deal in her bed trying to make her forget him, which was my crafty way of playing physician, and if I saw any one out of doors do something that made the others laugh I immediately hastened to that dark room and did it before her.
Alec was basking in the warmth of the study fire, after his drive, when the sound of a stifled sob made him hurry to the door and look anxiously into the hall.
Legend has made him a man of gentle birth who had lost his lands and money, and who had fled to the woods as an outlaw.
Nothing had been disturbed, and finally a fire was made, the tents set up and a light meal, with hot tea served.