MADFMaking a Difference Foundation (various locations)
MADFMobile-Assisted Data Forwarding
MADFMissile Assembly/Disassembly Facility (Patriot)
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In the next section, I apply the LL, IPS, SUR, and MADF tests to panels of international real GDP and real GDP per capita data.
Table 3 reports unit root tests results for three different panels using the LL, IPS, SUR, and MADF panel tests outlined in section 2.
The results reported in Table 3 show that the unit root null hypothesis cannot be rejected for any of the three panels using the LL, IPS, SUR, and MADF panel tests and k 0, 1, 2, 3.
The MADF test also fails to reject the nonstationary null hypothesis for 10 of the 12 cases considered; the null hypothesis is rejected at the 5% level for the full and non-North American panels only when k = 4.
For the MADF test, there is only one rejection (the G7 panel at the 10% level when k = 1).
This is assumed to reflect partially the franchisor's strength of preference for MADF as opposed to DIF.
The reported coefficients for these explanatory variables best estimate, overall, the probability that the respondent firm would use MADF as opposed to DIF to develop a particular market.