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MADLMaryland Advanced Development Laboratory
MADLMescal Architecture Description Language
MADLMulti-function Advanced Data Link
MADLMaximum Allowable Daily Level
MADLMaximum Allowable Dose Level
MADLMuskegon Area District Library (Michigan)
MADLMichigan Association for Distance Learning
MADLMaster of Arts in Distributed Learning
MADLMobility Activity of Daily Living
MADLMaximum Allowable Defect Level
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In addition to the [pounds sterling]50,000 donated to the local community through MADL, Proudfoot has also supported good causes with over [pounds sterling]40,000 in funds raised via the carrier bag charge in its stores.
New Fun Station owner Laura Madl (centre), with Muckle LLP's Adam Rayner and Stephanie Brown Mike Smith
* Draft MADL Proposal should use the same prefatory language as used for existing safe harbor levels
Planned for the third quarter of 2015, the demonstration will use a MADL data link on a MIDS JTRS transceiver communicating with a fifth-generation stealth fighter reference implementation.
Madl, Director, Bioprocessing and Industrial Value Added Program, Department of Grain Science and Industry, Kansas State University, 101A Bivap Building, 1980 Kimball Ave., Manhattan, KS 66506; phone: 785-532-7035; email:
Madl Surface roughness prediction based on cutting parameters and tool vibration in turning operations Journal of Materials Processing Technology 118 (2001) 269- 277.
A typical serving contains almost 200 times more lead than California's Maximum Allowable Dose Level (MADL) of 0.5 micrograms per day.
This will enable the Saih Rawl Main field to produceMaximum Annual Daily Load (MADL) of 30 MMSCMD gas.
- Maximum Allowable Dose Level (MADL) (adults) = 410 [micro]g/day (oral)
With: Jaroslav Plesl, Anna Geislerova, Marek Sacha, Anna Bubenikova, Karel Roden, Klara Meliskova, Igor Chmela, Jiri Madl.
Vasilko, K.; Havrila, M.; Novak-Marcincin, J.; Madl, J.; Zajac, J.
(5.) Sakr Y, Madl C, Filipescu D, Moreno R, Groeneveld J, Artigas A, et al.