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MADLMaryland Advanced Development Laboratory
MADLMescal Architecture Description Language
MADLMulti-function Advanced Data Link
MADLMaximum Allowable Daily Level
MADLMaximum Allowable Dose Level
MADLMuskegon Area District Library (Michigan)
MADLMichigan Association for Distance Learning
MADLMaster of Arts in Distributed Learning
MADLMobility Activity of Daily Living
MADLMaximum Allowable Defect Level
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OEHHA has proposed a draft safe harbor MADLs range from 0.
OEHHA's use of a 1,000-fold uncertainty factor to derive the draft safe harbor MADLs for lead is unjustified
Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment has established NSRLs or MADLs for four phthalates:
Based on data obtained for population of different districts, the percentage of the population at risk of exposure to excess MADL has been calculated for Jessore (representing Gangetic alluvium) and Rangpur (representing Teesta alluvium).
Moreover, our assumptions regarding MADL with cooked rice and water are also supported by Williams et al.
75m has been donated to local, regional and national charities through MADL.
The antenna technology may be applicable to other aircraft needing MADL capability, such as the Air Force's F-15, F-16 and B-2 aircraft, and the Navy's F-18, E-2 and E-3 planes.
MADL assists independent retailers who are members of the retail group Nisa to raise money for their local communities through the sale of selected products.
Formal sitting: address by Ferenc MADL, President of Hungary
Rice's methodology of creating the MADL would require a Proposition 65 warning based upon a study that showed absolutely no adverse effects from methylmercury," said Forrest Hainline, lead attorney for Bumble Bee, StarKist and Chicken of the Sea.