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The terms sTot, Yarma, Kongma or Kongnus = Upper; Parma or Parba = Middle; and Sham or Shamma, Mat or Madma, Yogma or Yognus = Lower, are often used for the purpose of subdivision.
helmas ond hupseax, hare byrnan, gudhsceorp gumena golde gefraetewod, maerra madma thonne mon aenig asecgan maege searothoncelra.
ne gefraegn ic freondlicor feower madmas gold gegyrede gummanna fela in ealobence odhrum gesellan.
In the northern West Bank district of Nablus, Israeli forces detained three Palestinians after breaking into and ransacking their houses in Madma village, south of the city.
Sources based in Nablus said break-ins into civilian homes by the Israeli forces culminated in the abduction of two Palestinian youths from the villages of Madma and Ourata.
Madma, or the Center for Development Studies and Projects, is one such group.
Madma finds that on average, it takes a fresh graduate a year to find a job.
The ministry further condemned the settlers' eviction and expropriation of large areas of Madma village near Nablus, and their attack against the Palestinian valley ;the latest of which was the settlers' establishment of three settlement sites , and razing the lands of Thahr Al-Maleh village in the vicinity of Yitzhar settlement.
In the Nablus Governorate, Israeli extremist settlers used their bulldozers to level large areas of land in the Madma village, south of Nablus.
Mohamed Salah Qat and Abbad Qat two young men from Madma south of Nablus were also arrested.
Injuring, Maamoun Nassar during confrontations with settlers and the Israeli occupation army in the Madma village, Nablus.
Israeli citizens from the area of Yitzhar tried to enter the nearby village of Madma in the northern West Bank on Tuesday evening, the military said in a statement.