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MADMENModular Asteroid Deflection Mission Ejector Node (robotic spacecraft project)
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Soyinka's most powerful satiric pieces on military dictatorship in Nigeria--Kongi's Harvest and A Dance of the Forests had already come out by the time he wrote Madmen and Specialists at the end of the Nigerian Civil War in 1970.
Go see for yourself this summer - A Race For Madmen would be a fine accompaniment.
America is not the only place where madmen run wild killing at will.
But the last thing that they expected to find was a ship of madmen.
Truth and subtlety being early casualties of the war on terror, our politicians and filmmakers have drawn these enemies of the state as two-dimensional demons, casting those who would attack us as murderous madmen who despise our freedom.
In this brilliant, wildly over-the-top novel, written in the lush formally eloquent language favored by the 19th-century gentry and peopled with a hilariously grotesque assemblage of hucksters, hooligans, madmen and hypocrites, Wright paints an unsparing portrait of the American psyche.
But Bethlem Hospital, he contends, was a place where charity and spectatorship intersected; madmen were housed and publicly displayed, both separated from and integrally related to Tudor/Stuart society.
There comes a point where you stop playing rebels and start playing policemen, and you stop playing madmen and start playing shrinks," he said.
Ultimately, terrorism is the product of madmen intent on destruction, and these madmen are typically the result of techniques aimed at mind and behavioural control.
Anderson danced in his own Parables of Mutants and Madmen, a satisfyingly big piece; he and the 4 members of his dance theatre X were joined by 10 guest performers.