MADMFMassachusetts Division of Marine Fisheries (Gloucester, MA)
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Immediately after diver surveys, strings consisting of six alternating vented and ventless traps identical to those used during the MADMF survey were set perpendicular to dive transects across the center of each site (Fig.
This grouping maintained consistency with the MADMF ventless trap survey and avoided the between-trap interactions that affect overall trap catches in a string (Bell et al.
Massachusetts Division of Marine Fisheries Technical Report TR27, Gloucester, MADMF, p.
The NYBTS had the highest CPUE (0.291 fish/tow), followed by the NJDEP finfish survey (0.072 fish/tow), ME-NH inshore bottom trawl survey (0.024 fish/tow), NMFS bottom trawl survey (0.004 fish/tow), and the MADMF bottom trawl survey (<0.001fish/tow), in the latter of which only one Atlantic sturgeon has ever been captured (Table 1; Fig.
This high rate contrasts with that for the MADMF bottom trawl survey, during which virtually no Atlantic sturgeon were captured.