MADREMothers and Daughters Raising Expectations (Austin, TX)
MADREMagnetic Drum Receiving Equipment
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'Madre de Dios,' he said, 'comes now the soul of Ramon Gallegos.'
And you may be sure - that will surprise you both - that on the way back - oh, Santa Madre, wasn't it a long way, too - I wasn't thinking of any man at sea or on shore in that connection."
On the third day we took a different line, and passed through the gay little village of Madre de Deos.
Pete Montallana, head of the environmentalist group Save Sierra Madre Network Alliance, said in a phone interview that illegal logging in Sierra Madre continued despite a total government ban.
Also known as the 'backbone of Luzon,' the Sierra Madre is home to a large number of threatened biodiversity species, such as the Philippine Eagle, and acts as a natural shield against typhoons and storm surges.