MADSAMinnesota Adult Day Services Association
MADSAMichigan Adult Day Services Association (healthcare services; Midland, MI)
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MADSA's Industry Report on the other hand was derived from research conducted among Members, hence it contains both quantitative and qualitative information that will provide a more comprehensive insight into the dynamics of the local market.
MADSA anticipates churning out updates to this Report every 3 to 5 years.
The Report is available for purchase from MADSA's website.
In case of Karula Parish, there are three hill forts confirmed by archaeological evidence (Rebase Liinamagi, Madsa Liinamagi, and Vartemae Liinamagi), but three other places also have the place-name Liinamagi and place-lore notes mention that there was an old stronghold, a large town, or a town that has sunk there, i.e.
Among the projects that MADSA would be focusing on during the next 12 months would be to deliberate and lobby the Ministry of Health on the issue of self-regulation of health supplements as well as to launch the CPG process with the Ministry of Health.
Respective members of MADSA will be able to help retailers in this respect, by providing the details of their sales tax for the relevant item(s).
MADSA hopes for retailers understanding that these will remain highly confidential information to safeguard the interests of its Members.
MADSA is also pursuing several avenues to engage the relevant authorities to exempt all dietary supplements from GST.
MADSA members will continue to invest in strategic brand awareness efforts to further develop public trust and confidence in dietary supplements.
Alongside its Members, MADSA hopes to continue working closely with retailers to propel industry growth even further, and foster mutual profitability for all.
Due to the increased regulatory oversight, MADSA Members at their last AGM decided to create a Regulatory Subcommittee and a Marketing Subcommittee.
MADSA is on a membership drive currently and invites all dietary supplements companies in Malaysia to register as a Member.